Item Number – AC1926-ALF
Mr McKenic®- Air-Conditioner Cleaner contains an unique and tested formula that clears dust and eliminates harmful micro-organisms trapped in air-conditioners, without the need for rinsing with water after product application.

 Improves indoor air quality  Improves performance of air-conditioner units  Simple application with no rinsing required  Contains no harsh chemicals  Safe on air-con fins and coils

Applications For Use: Mr McKenic® – Air-Conditioner Cleaner (Self-Rinsing) is safe for use on all brands of air-conditioners. It is used on split-unit air-conditioners, window units with drainage outlets and even refrigerator coils. Direction For Use: Switch off air-conditioner unit and open windows for ventilations. Open casing to remove dirty filters for washing. Use a vacuum cleaner or brush to remove thick layer of dust on coil fins.
1- Shake Product Can well before use. 2- Position Can approximately 10cm away from the coil fins. 3- Spray Mr McKenic® – Air-Conditioner Cleaner (Self-Rinsing) to create foam in an S-motion from top to bottom. 4- Do not cover more than 1/3 of coil surfaces. 5- Allow 15-20 minutes for the foam to penetrate inwards. 6- Replace clean filters and casings and switch on the air- conditioner for about 45-60 minutes to start the cleaning process. 7- For best results, set air-conditioner to about 24°C and put on to high fan mode during cleaning. 8- Apply at least once a month.